Roofers – What you need to know.

Imagine this. You’re a real estate investor and you’ve recently found a wonderful rehab property. You contact the seller of the property and ask them if they are interested in selling. To your surprise, they say yes they’re ready to sell because the property has been a thorn in their side for the last six months. You call up your banker and get qualified for a loan to purchase the property. Fifteen days later you’re at the closing table signing documents and now the property is all yours. First stop is your brand new rehab home. You unlock the doors. Go inside and begin to implement the plan that you and your contractors put together to bring this puppy to life. 

Starting with the design plan, you begin to draw how you want to reconfigure the space. You draw up plans to remove walls and open up the kitchen for an open floor concept to the living area. You combine two spaces to create a master suite with an en suite bath and a stately master closet. Then abracadabra and presto you’re all finished with your interior design space.

Now, you can tackle the exterior curb appeal. What color do you plan to paint the home? What will your landscape consist of? Do you plan to seed or sod? You’ve had your eye on that Kentucky Bluegrass for quite some time. Now is a good time to implement it in your landscape design. You decide on an exterior color scheme consisting of a rich cream paint with a chocolate trim around the doors and windows and a peacock blue front door to add a sense of interest and a pop of color. You step back and take a look at your newly finished home and say oh (expletive word goes here)! We forgot the roof. 

Your open house is just one week away. With an increasing budget and decreasing patience, you begin an aggressive and persistent online search for a reputable roofing contractor. You find a roofing company that gives you reassurance that they can get the job done. The roofing contractor provides you with an estimate that will keep your flip profitable and provide you with a timeframe that gives your Realtor time to list the property. The roofers are off and running. They’re working persistently to keep your rehab project in budget and on time. They finally finish the project and hand you the bill. You’re pleased with their work and pay them quickly. Now you’re ready to sell you’re completely renovated home. 

Roof repair is a major part of a complete rehab. It’s the finishing touch to the overall design for your curb appeal. Curb appeal is the first thing buyers see when they pull up to your newly renovated home. If your roofing is old and does not fit the finished design of your home, then you could end up losing thousands of dollars in the long run. Roofing repair is also critical to the overall structure of your home. A leaking roof can cause major foundation issues and can cause the footing to readjust. This gives the house the appearance that it’s leaning from one side or the other. This is never a good look for any home.

Finding the right roofing company is extremely important. The things you need to know about the company you hire is how long have they been doing this in the area, for example look up in Google terms like Allen TX Roofing Company? Do they have any references? Are they reliable? Do they have any complaints with the Better Business Bureau? How many projects are they currently working on? These are all the questions you need to ask before signing on the dotted line. A great way to find a good roofing repair company is word of mouth. If you’re a seasoned rehabber, utilizing your network of fellow rehabbers is a great way to get connected with a good and efficient roofing service. If a contractor provides you with a list of references, CALL THEM. One highly recommended suggestion is doing a public search to see if your contractor has recently filed a lien against any properties. If you don’t think this is important, you will understand if you hire a disgruntled contractor. They start the work then leave your job. The next thing you know, they’ve filed a lien against your property to get paid for work they did not complete. This is a hard reality for many rehabbers and homeowners but it does happen so protect yourself.